Pricing. REAL VALUE is more than a price. We offer the best deal for your time and money.
How Can I Be Sure I’m Getting a Good Deal?

When you need to order a vital record online, more specifically, order a birth certificate online, there are typically many websites available to search through. This can be a daunting task considering how different these sites are and the value each has to offer. Making things even worse, some sites utilize some very shady and tricky tactics, while others are less than forthcoming about the total price they will charge you to order a birth certificate.

Some of these typical “tricks of the trade” include:

  • Hiding the price until the very end of your purchase (after you’ve spent 30 minutes plus entering your information).
  • Offering a low initial price, then adding fees.
  • Using an automated computer form or a foreign call center to try and submit your case (vs a real expert based here in the USA).
  • Charging high-fees or a full additional fee for any re-submissions if errors are encountered in the submittal process.

Here at Express Vitals, rest assured that you will get a fair price upfront from a real US expert, and will not pay a cent more. Additionally, we are the only expediting service in our industry that offers a full resubmission without charge if any errors are encountered.

Why are Prices Different For Different States?

Our single largest cost is assuring customer safety by using GoDaddy, Verisign, and TrustE and other security measures to ensure customer safety and maintain quality customer service for you by our staff of experts. State fees, courier shipping fees, and state authorized merchant fees differ by state, and are not marked up in any way by Express Vitals. Our fee differs based on state of order and our price is displayed once you enter non-sensitive information into our order form. Our form is built with our customer’s desires and suggestions in mind, and helps you order a certified birth certificate online both easily and quickly.

The 100% Satisfaction Express-Vitals Guarantee.

We’re so confident that we’re the best value in the online vital industry, we offer a no-hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, simply let us know. Note: some state fees and shipping costs cannot be refunded.

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