Policies. KNOW important information about privacy, refunds, re-submissions, and more.
Privacy Policy.

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never sell or distribute your data to unauthorized third-parties. For our full privacy disclosure, click here.

Re-submission Policy.

Occasionally, we are required to resubmit data to a state agency. This can be caused by the state’s documenting errors, user entry error, or on rare occasions, our own. Regardless of cause, we allow ONE re-submission without charge. If additional re-submissions are required, you will be contacted by a customer service agent to discuss additional charges (no additional billing will be charged against your account without approval). Any re-submissions caused by an error on our part will not be counted towards this total.

User Agreement Policy.

In addition to our other policies, our user policy sets forth some legal requirements and information for you about our site. By using our site, you agree to all of the terms set forth in our user policy. For our full user agreement disclosure, please click here.

Express Vitals Expediting Service.

ExpressVitals.com is a professional birth certificate expediting service. Please note that all birth certificates may be obtained directly from the relevant government agency at lesser or no cost depending on the birth certificate type. Our mission is to provide superior services to our customers and assist you from beginning to end.

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