Dare to Compare. FIVE reasons why Express Vitals is the best value in online birth certificates.
Real Service Experts.
Compared to a lot of our competition that relies on pre-filled government forms, or simply sells you a link to an existing site, our team PERSONALLY handles every case from all of our customers across the country.
No-Hidden Fees, Clear Pricing.
Unfortunately, some of our competitors are less than forthcoming about their prices. One common technique is to advertise a low rate, only to tack on hidden fees. While here at Express Vitals, you’ll get an honest price BEFORE you start entering any of your personal data.
Accredited by Leading Companies.
Look us up! We’re proud of our online record from customers like you. We’re also accredited by prestigious companies like: TrustE., GoDaddy, and Verisign.
Web Security.
Express Vitals utilizes industry standard encryption to protect the transmission of your data. We work hard to protect your data and ensure that it is safe.
Quickest Turnaround.
When you’re waiting for your important documents, do you want to wait days for an answer? Or wade through customer service queues at a foreign call desk? No thank you. When you use Express Vitals expediting service you’ll have access to a US-based vitals expert.
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