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The True Birth Certificate Story....

Years ago a man in Dallas, Texas named Andrew tried to order a birth certificate online. The first site he encountered offered “a quick online solution” to his vital document problem. He paid $20 and soon received an email with a link. That special “link” turned out to be just a public web address to a state agency and nothing more.

Frustrated but a little wiser, he then attempted to use his state’s government webpage directly. After spending some time there it was obvious that he wouldn’t get the responsiveness or help he needed there either.

Now desperate, Andrew finally attempted a third site, hoping to get his certificate as quickly as possible. This new site offered “next day delivery” for $70. Once again he submitted payment and waited for his document. Days turned into weeks and NOTHING. Frantic he called customer service only to get a voicemail. No calls were ever returned. When the document did arrive after several weeks, he discovered that they had sent the wrong one. As a final insult to injury he later found an additional $90 charge had been added to his credit card.

Needless to say - not a good experience!

.... That Created A Leader in the Industry.

Fortunately for everyone looking for a birth certificate online there’s a happy ending to his story. Inspired by the horrible service Andrew received, he set out to create the site that he couldn’t find. From his vision Express Vitals was born. What is that vision? Simply put:

NO Hidden Fees, REAL Customer Service, and SAFE Transactions

It’s not rocket science, but it’s made us who we are today. Want to know more about what makes us different? Don’t be afraid to Dare to Compare. We think you’ll see what makes us the best value in online birth certificates.

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